Best sellers

Best sellers

What’s the Catch?

We get this question ALL THE TIME.

And the answer is: There is no catch.

Not a single one.

The only reason why we are able to offer big quantities at normal prices is because our sneakers are Unauthorized Authentic.

That means they were made with the same materials as the products you see in stores, but never ended up on the shelves solely due to surplus productions made as backups.

In order to fully understand this principle (and make sure that our sneakers are 100% the same), you would need to know how the industry works behind the scenes.

We explained that in detail on our About Page

100% Retail Quality Sneakers

Every single pair of item in our store was produced with the same exact materials as those you see in retail stores. Big brands intentionally put limited number of pairs on the market, so they can create scarcity and pump up the prices as they please. We don’t do that.

Attention To Quality & Price

We put a lot of effort to ensure that every single part of each item looks, smell and even feel the same as retail pairs, everything from laces, zip ties, tags to boxes and even stitching is done to precision. Checkout the tons of real positive reviews we got, that way you can wear them with confidence.

Money Back Guarantee

With our accurate tracking system, you will always know where your package is. You may return most new, unopened items sold within 14 days of delivery for a full refund in-store credits. Average shipping time takes about 7 to 10 days only, sometimes earlier.

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